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Independent, Client-Focused Life Settlement Services

Every Life Settlement is different, and we pride ourselves on identifying what makes your situation unique. LMAXCESS wants to know your story, and we become genuinely invested in finding the most favorable solution for you.

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Solutions customized to your personal needs

We bring market know-how and an extensive industry network to every client. Our business lines operate as close-knit units governed by a fundamental respect for privacy and confidential information. We value long-term alignment with our clients, continuity in our team and individuality in our colleagues.

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Get results faster

We are dedicated to providing best-in-class life settlement services to institutional and private longevity-risk investors. We offer a full suite of solutions through three distinct business lines: servicing, provider origination, and analytics. We respond to the unique needs of each client through focused attention to detail and propriety.

Our Mission 

  • According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, $112 billion dollars worth of life insurance policies are forfeited annually in the U.S. 
  • While that number alone is staggering, The NAIC also states that 90% of seniors would have considered a Life Settlement if they knew that the service existed. 
  • Our mission is to ensure that consumers know that a Life Settlement is often the best financial option. Why sacrifice a policy that you have spent years paying into when you can exchange your premiums for cash now. 

Why we’re different

Our professionals have decades of financial institution and cross-disciplinary life settlement industry experience.

Attention to Detail

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We are led by industry leaders

Our approach to life settlements investing is centered on the logical premise that living standards have an impact on longevity. We focus on smaller-sized policies through a refined selection process, deeper analysis, and proprietary underwriting standards, which allow us to fine-tune policy selection and structure portfolios around a targeted distribution curve.